What are Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are like a library where all information from past events is being recorded. During an Akashic Records Session, we access the library, find the events connected to the session's objective, and clear connections that no longer serve us. Releasing these connections allows us to rediscover freedom, find focus and make more independent decisions. The Akashic Records Sessions will help you to enhance your potential, achieve objectives and release whatever conscious or unconscious blocks from the past may be holding you back now.

How can the past create an impact on us?

The past can be full of strong emotions, creating magnetic fields in our aura and attracting repetitive experiences that we are unwilling to live with. If we do not close a past event properly, we may relive experiences and emotions even though we no longer remember them. If you are experiencing the same thing repeatedly (for example: being bullied, the wrong partner, keep losing money), have a strong and irrational fear/feeling that you cannot control, I may be able to help you while accessing your Akashic Records.