Maria Molina
Akrmm - Coach

I offer you support in getting back in the driving seat and restoring your health and well-being.

Maria Molina - Akashic Records Certificated Advanced (Akashic Records Institute - US).

I use Akashic Records as a tool to support my growth and change; they support me to see the reality with a totally different perspective, more objective, practical and creative. I encourage you to meet me and enjoy the same experience.

 If you are unsure what would be suitable for you, contact me for a 15m conversation to define the most suitable treatment, either a pack or a single session.

Additional training and skills:

  • Kinesiologist - Professional Diplomate Level in Kinesiology (KA - Kinesiology Association - London)
  • Homeopath - Homeopathy Diploma Universitary Expert ( Iberoamerican FU), Homeopathy Postgraduate (Institut Homeopatic de Catalunya - Barcelona), Master Diploma (Institut Homeopatic de Catalunya- Barcelona), Australian flowers system (Gaia - Barcelona).
  • Nutritionist - Nutritionist Coach (IIN - US), Macrobiotic's Expert (International Macrobiotic School - Totnes, UK)
  • Bodywork - Shiatsu (International Macrobiotic School - Totnes, UK), Osteopathic Tuina ( Vipassana), Reflexology ( Bemen 3 - Barcelona)
  • Electric - Reiki Master( Arhat - Barcelona), Family Constellations (Maria Martinez), Tibetan healing system (Tagdrol - Barcelona), Tunning Forks (Sound Healing Academy).